Greenhouse gas (GHG) flux data from natural and urban systems are becoming one of the most essential ingredients to not only understand system dynamics but to track changes in long term emissions. The workshop will unite the expertise on flux data measurements, data processing and data uncertainty with flux data applications in different environments.

The first part of the workshop includes key note lectures, hands on workshops and poster sessions dedicated to flux measurements in natural, forest and agricultural systems aiming to processes and uncertainties related to changes in scale from soil to ecosystems, and the challenges in using and interpreting these data in ecosystem research.

The second part of the workshop will focus on urban systems. This is part of the LowCarbonCityLab (LoCal) programme of Climate-KIC. Within the LoCal initiative concepts for innovative GHG flux monitoring, reporting and verification are developed. This portion will focus on the particular challenges and uncertainties related to urban flux measurements, from methane leak detection to urban GHG budgets.