Topic 1: Soil Gas Flux

Theory, Measurement Technique, and Hands-On Data Processing of CO2, CH4, and other additional gases (SoilFluxPro™)

Topic 2: Eddy Covariance

Theory, Quality, Footprint Analysis, Measurement Technique, Gap Filling, Flux Partitioning, Uncertainties, Hands-On Data Processing (EddyPro®)

Topic 3: Ecosystem Flux Scales

Flux data integration for ecosystem understanding, Flux Data use in modelling systems, Phenology, Hands-on Data Processing (Phenopix R-Package)

Topic 4: Urban Flux

The Climate-KIC LowCarbonCityLab program – Monitoring Reporting and Verification services for cities, The Terrestrial Environmental Observatories (TERENO) as a blueprint for urban observation, Methane leak detection in urban systems